David E. Williams

Water Well Services

We drill, service, and repair all water wells - domestic, commercial, industrial.

Recommendations and Estimates

  1. -Southwest water well professional consultant for Congress

  2. -Honest recommendations, Fair estimates, High Quality water systems

- Emergency response for water outage

  1. -Inspections, Certifications, Professional Consultation

  2. -Well rehabilitation and redrilling

  3. -Water table impact assessments

Water Well Drilling (Cable tool drilling)

  1. -Permit acquisition

  2. -New wells: drilling, casing, lining, packing

  3. -Existing wells: clean out, rebuilding, recasing, packing, piping

Water Supply Electrical Services:

  1. -Electrical install, repair, replacement (wiring, switches, boxes)

Water Tanks and Plumbing Services:

  1. -Tank procurement, installation, plumbing installation and repair

Other Customer Feedback:

“…I wanted to personally thank you for helping us with our well issue…We are so grateful and appreciate your efforts.  I look forward to sharing this blessing with others in our community.”   -  Desert Christian Schools (see DEWWWS Blog)

David E. Williams Water Well Services

Tucson and Southern Arizona



Davie Williams Water Well Professional Permits, Drilling, and Services

Dedicated family water well drilling and services for the Southwest

since 1894!

We may not bid the lowest price.

But we bid the fairest price.

If you’re looking for quality,

David is your man!

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David E. Williams

Water Well Services

Marana, Arizona


David Williams Water Services:

Completed 13 July 2011:

Well repair for a Marana dairy farm:

Extracted 420 feet of rusted well pipe and a failed motor.  Replaced with 3 inch steel pipe, 15 hp motor and 12 stage wet end.  Completed replacement with 215 gpm at well head and 140 gpm at storage tank 1500 ft away.